Top 8 Tips for Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate flooring is one of the most wanted alternatives for house and building flooring. However, this will also require different installation methods. There are steps we need to pay attention to. Here are several tips to make successful installation inside your house or building.

1. Material

Laminate flooring is available on so many choices from marble to wood. First, define your choice first. You do not necessarily need high price material to get extravagant look. You can have the same thing with other cheaper alternatives. Quality is the most essential factor.

2. Extra Material

Even though you have exact measurement, you must buy 10% more material. Why? Include the expense on your budget because several incidents and mistakes cannot be avoided sometimes. Big order commonly gets special discount. So, be prepared since the first time.

3. Stack It First

Temperature and humidity are essential on your flooring fitting. Leave it for 2 days and nights unpacked inside your house. Then, stack it on the floor on flat position. This allows circulating.Laminate Flooring Top 8 Tips for Laminate Flooring Installation

4. Sub Floor and Base Moulding

If you already have sub flooring and base moulding, clean sub flooring from dirt and remove all base moulding very carefully. You will need new base moulding. You can use hammer and pry bar.

5. Vapor Barrier

If you plan to install the flooring by yourself, you need to remember this. Install the vapour barrier exactly one by one. Make sure one is steady before you install the other one. Never install all at once.

6. Door Jambs

For this, you only need to trim it. To make perfect trim, use flat or coping saw. In addition to it, you need to cut it parallel for perfect trim result. It is not really hard to do.

7. First Row and Go On

First row will be perfect on longest wall and do it parallel. Remember, you will also need spacer to do this. Put a spacer every 12 inches and on each corner. You can continue to the next rows then.

8. Threshold and New Base Moulding

Threshold will be needed on every flooring end and any open doors. Meanwhile, Base moulding will be added as replacement for the spacer.

Those tips are derived from professional and personal experiences. Take your time to try the entire tips and being involved in your own installation project. They will help you get perfect, fit, and nice looking laminate flooring.

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