5 Important Tips for Rugs and Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning rugs 5 Important Tips for Rugs and Carpet CleaningCleaning your rugs and carpet will make essential step in keeping your house health. Here are several most important tips in cleaning your rugs and carpet by yourself.

1. Regular Vacuum

Vacuum cleaner is your best friend. The key will be regular schedule to vacuum your carpet and rugs. When you vacuum them, do it nicely and take your time. Several carpets and rugs cannot be vacuumed from the top site. To keep the shape of your rugs and carpet, vacuum it from behind. Several parts of the rugs or carpets will need multiple treatments in a time.

2. Immediate Cleaning

As soon as you see a new spills or stains, you must clean it promptly and immediately. This will stop the dirt damage the deeper parts of your rugs and carpets. In addition to it, new spills and stains are easier to remove than the old one. Warm water and salt or baking soda will be very helpful. Do not wait until later to clean spills and stains.

3. Spots Treatment

How you treat spots can give big impact on your rugs and carpets. You must treat spots promptly but do not neglect how hard you clean it. Sometimes, we accidentally ruin the carpets or rugs while treating it. Do a test first so you are sure that your treatment does not damage the rugs or fade the colour of your carpets. Use soft towels to help.

4. Helpful Products

Several products are very useful in treating carpets and rugs. Baking soda, for example, will be great to treat stains and spills. You can also use several deodorizing products or soil retardants for carpets and rugs. There are many of great products now. For this, make sure that you use the product as the instruction tells you. Instruction is made to avoid damage on your rugs and carpets in treatment.

5. Urgency and Priority

Do not put the same attention and treatment to just all rugs and carpet in your house. Those that bear high traffic and are mostly used or stepped into will need more treatment. While others are treated once a week, carpets and rugs with high duty will need more than that. Do not wait until you see dirt on the surface because it means there are already many bad things under.

Those tips are just easy to do alone. If you put discipline while doing it, you will have clean rugs and carpet and healthy house.

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