Top 8 Kitchen Cleaning Tips

No one wants to cook or eat or hang out in a dirty and smelly kitchen. You may have a nice looking and modern kitchen, but if you do not keep it clean, you will never have the desire to spend seconds in the room, forget about inventing a new recipe. Here are several tips to clean your kitchen.

Kitchen Cleaning Top 8 Kitchen Cleaning Tips1. Outdated Products

This is one of the most causes of your smelly kitchen. Open your fridge and check on your supplies in there. Take out all of the supplies and throw away the outdated products. Clean the fridge before you supply in the rests.

2. Reorganize the Fridge

With fewer supplies, you should organize them. Put them properly on the right place, and put them in package if you have it to avoid damage and other problems. It will be tidier as well.

3. Remove Stains and Spills

Steel wool will fade away scratches on stainless steel. Meanwhile, salt will clean the cast iron. Then, if your countertop is made of stone, you should clean it using Hydrogen Peroxide.

4. Shiny Kitchen Floor and Tile

The secret of shiny kitchen floor is the white vinegar. Meanwhile, baking soda will work best on your kitchen tiles. Mix it with water and apply with soft cloth.

5. Wall Splatters

Find a soft cloth to wipe them. Use warm water and it will remove moderate stains and spills. As for oily stains and spills, we can add water with mild dishwashing soap. It cleans fast!

6. Remove Tarnish

Your pots and pans, and several fixtures may have tarnish on it. Your magic help will be ketchup. Rub the ketchup on the spot using cloth. When you are done, rinse it with water. You can repeat it until it is clean and free of tarnish.

7. Organized Pantry

You can use plastic container, or glass jar, and maybe fancy large bowls. Do not forget to label them so you do not pick wrong item when you are in a hurry or at night.

8. Fresh Flowers and Fruits

The last touch will be fresh flowers and fruits on your kitchen. Fresh flowers add nice scent for your kitchen. Fresh fruits are safe for your family and smell good too.

You can do all of them by yourself. Do not forget to clean your mess every time you are done cooking. It will help in the future.

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