Top 6 Useful Tips for Small Kitchen Design

Your kitchen can be designed to provide more than space for cooking but also comfortable place for you to hang out as well. It depends on how you design it, not on how big you kitchen is. You can use several ideas to make your kitchen a great place at home. Here are the ideas:

1. Lighting

Your kitchen will get spacious and sophisticated look simply by adding lighting system on it. Try to use warm colour and put enough bulbs around your kitchen to light every corner. Warm colour will add the comfort and give the spacious and elegant look. It makes big impact.

Kitchen Design Top 6 Useful Tips for Small Kitchen Design2. More Glass

This works on all types of kitchen especially the small one. Glass makes spacious impression and also sophisticated touch. You may want to add windows or glass walls. Besides giving you the view, the spacious look adds the comfort inside your kitchen.

3. Less Contrast on Colour

Too many contrasts of colour in your kitchen will make it looks smaller. If your kitchen is big enough this will not be an issue. For smaller kitchen, you should eliminate contrasts, use small numbers of colour for the furniture, and avoid too many patterns.

4. Back Doors

Back doors, including cabinet back doors, are rarely used. People even never think about it. You can use the back of the door as a hanging storage. You can keep many things there and it gives real live and personal touch in your kitchen. Plus, you have more storage to keep cleaning supplies.

5. Empty Space for Storage

Try and look at your kitchen. You will find empty walls and also spacious ceiling. Use them. Put some more things so you can hang utensils and tools. With proper setting, it will add the value of your kitchen and make it prettier.

6. Use Your Backsplash

Backsplash is commonly forgotten. You can hang your utensils and maybe small plants there to make it prettier. If your backsplash is made of stone material, you will want to add several decorative items on it. Combine your utensils and decoration to avoid boring look.

Those ideas are very basic. You can do it alone and you can also hire professional for premium quality result. Those ideas are also simple so it does not ask you too much effort to have it. Try now and enjoy your great looking and functional kitchen.

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