8 Top Tips for Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom remodelling can be tricky sometimes because we rarely want to do it so we are lack of experience. However, we can do several prior steps and planning. Here, we have several tips that can be functional and beneficial for the project.

Set Your Budget

Bathroom Remodeling 8 Top Tips for Bathroom RemodellingThis is the most essential part. Consider the entire things you want to have, make survey for the expense, and limit your budget to your financial ability. You can divide the remodelling into two phases if your money is not enough.


This is also an essential part of a bathroom. You can try the new models because it gives you enough fresh air and prevents moisture. Plus, it is less noisy now. You will like it.


Do not use only one colour for bathroom lighting. You should consider more warm colours and combine it wisely. It will give big impact and effect on your bathroom. This simple but it gives total different look on your bathroom.

Your Own Skill

You are maybe able to do parts of the project alone. This will save you some money. However, do not force yourself to things you are not sure to do. You can have professionals for the rest.

Hardware Upgrade

Remodelling can be done through hardware remodelling. You can think about cabinets, vanities, drawers, or faucets. This is a lot simpler than total remodelling. Replace them and you will have total different look and it needs lesser effort.

Avoid Plumbing Work

Change on plumbing will cost you a lot of money. If they are fine, you should avoid fixing this one. You can focus on the outer look. This will give brand new look without spending too much money.


If you still think that all items on your bathroom are still fine, do not replace them. You can pick refinishing as an alternative. It changes the look without so many budgets too. Just make sure it matches your bathroom basic concept.

Different Colours

This is also one of cheapest alternatives. You do not necessarily have to replace all the things. You can put different colours on them. Choose bright and light colour. It gives you different look and mood.

Those tips come from professionals. You can skip one of those or follow them all. Do not forget your own ability to do it when you are concern about budgeting. Now, you will have new bathroom in just no time.

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