Top 10 Tips for Building Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Top 10 Tips for Building Modern BathroomBathroom is essential part of the house since we spend quality time there for cleaning and relaxing as well. Here are tips to upgrade it to modern look.

Mirror on the Wall

Mirror gives spacious sense in your bathroom. You can have more than one near your vanity. Place appropriate size of mirror on almost hidden corner to give lighting feedback and spacious look.

Reveal Hidden Spaces

Most bathrooms have these spaces. Commonly, it is in a corner where you think you cannot place anything there. Order customized cabinet or high small table to place toiletries, towel, or just a vase of flowers.

Sophisticated Minimalist Shower Area

Shower stall is already out of date now. Try to replace your old shower stall with an open shower concept. We have great system for it now.

New Bath Tub

Modern look can be achieved simply by using modern items. Replace your old bathtub with the new one on modern design. Make sure you sit on it before you buy.

Centre Feature

Choose one feature as your centrepiece. It can be your vanity, or bathtub you put in the middle of the bathroom, and maybe your shower area. The rest decoration should be adjusted around it.

Modern Patterned Flooring

Modern flooring is now available on many colours. We can also have many patterns like abstract or lines and shapes. Combine more than one pattern and make unique look on your flooring.

Lighting Work

Lighting is basically used to provide enough brightness and light for you. However, specific setting of light can be used to give specific atmosphere on your bathroom. Combine several warm colours to give relax sensation.

Touch of Luxury

If you are fortunate enough and you have spacious bathroom, try to give your bathroom a luxurious touch. Occasional chair, relaxing private area and television can be nice touch as well.

New Toilet

Old toilet does not have good look. Several modern designs are nice to look at and comfortable to use as well. Replace your old one with new toilet with modern design. Choose one with high quality and easy way to use.

Get Rid of Too Much Decor

Modern living is identical to minimalist and simple look. It is time for you to replace your old too much decoration with simple items.    

Now, those tips are not so hard to do. Visit nearby supplier with quality products to find your needed items. Have fun!

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