10 Great Environmentally Friendly Custom Home Trends

green home design

Being environmentally friendly is not a new issue anymore. People love to have green house that is environmentally friendly to support eco effort. You can also do the same things. Here are several trends on this, and you can adopt one or all of them if you like.

1. Using Green Products

Several contractors try to use as much green products to build a house now. Make sure that your house also uses such products and being very eco friendly.

2. Using Green Parts for House

Energy saving windows and doors are available now. It allows you to get rid of air conditioning system. It already serves well on air circulation.

3. Fluorescent Bulbs

It uses smaller energy, and they are warmer and nicer. People use it for decoration lighting too. It reduces your electricity usage.

4. Energy Star!

Try to use appliances with energy star label on it. It helps you use smaller energy for better result. Without knowing it, you make great contribution to your environment with those appliances for the house.

5. Wood Flooring is Coming Back

Being eco friendly, wood flooring is desired again now. Besides being green, wood flooring is also good looking and nice to have. It allows easy cleaning as well.

6. More Natural Paint

Use natural pain with minimal percentage of chemical and bad substances. They can cost more but the quality is not disappointing. You should prefer on this for your house.

7. More Natural Material

Roofs, windows, doors, floors, and many other parts of the house are available now on more green options. They are made of natural things through natural processes as well.

8. Natural Made Interior Items

Interior items like furniture, linens, and also decorative items are also available on more environmentally friendly shape. It completes your house well and contribute eco friendly effort as well.

9. Long Lasting Furniture

Durable and long lasting furniture means less finishing process with paint and others. It also saves your budget.

10. The Cleaning Products

Choose green cleaning products. They commonly put different label on it. This will keep your house clean without endangering your environment.

Those trends are just great idea. We can have great and nice house as well as contributing significant actions to our environment. This is a big step and not all of people are willing and able to do this. If you plan to use the trends and ideas, you are one of those great people. Congratulations!

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