7 Great Ideas for Home Interior Lighting

Wall Mounted Lamps

Lighting will help setting the mood and atmosphere inside and outside your house. You can put different arrangement on each room. Here are great ideas for it.

1. Wall Mounted Lamps

This sounds common, but you can make the difference using unique shape of lamps. Do not place it to near to each other. Make distance and enjoy the dimming effect. It gives you warm and sophisticated look. Try different colours as well if you dare enough.

2. Hanging Lampions

It is mostly seen in parties and exhibitions. Now, you can also have it. Combine the size of lampions, or make long and short setting in a group of lampions to make fancy look. Gives it warm colour of light and it will change the room look.

3. Sparkling Floor

We have this technology now. If you love to have a party, this flooring will be best. Your guests can step into sparkling floor releasing light. It makes dramatic look on the room. Choose good material to avoid accident and damage because of heavy traffic.

4. Fancy Desk Lights

Desk lights are common, but your choice can be extraordinary. Choose something fancy and different that still matches your interior concept. Put it beside a fancy decorative item to make an interior statement. Several brands offer nice designs for these lamps. You will like it.

5. Decorative Lighting on Shelves

If you have shelve with many souvenirs and items displayed, enrich it with enough lighting mounted on the shelves. It will allow people to look at it and see your collection better. This will make great centrepiece of the room as well. You make the room different then.

6. Glowing Stairs

Put some lights on your stairs. It will look so great from lower level. It also leads people to another section of the house brilliantly. You can switch the colour every turn. For more distinctive look, try to use dramatic colour on the lights. You will enjoy stepping on it.

7. Lights on Indoor Water Fountain or Wall

Indoor water fountain or wall fixes the air circulation and condition inside the house. It also makes great decoration as well. Try to encourage the natural beauty by adding lights on the water. Your guests will love looking at it. It is brilliant!

You can adopt them all or take several ideas that are appropriate on your situation. Always use warm colour for decorative purposes. It will look marvellous.

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