Detroit Utility Company Pushes Solar

solar array detroit Detroit Utility Company Pushes SolarDTE Energy is partnering with the city of Detroit to build a solar array on 10 acres in a blighted neighborhood. DTE is already building a larger, 250-acre solar energy project in Lapeer, Michigan, where the utility is creating what it calls the “largest utility-owned solar array east of the Mississippi.” Other companies with locations in Michigan have also installed large solar arrays. Among them are IKEA, Ford and GM.

Although among the lowest U.S. states for solar irradiance, Michigan has developed into one of the leading solar energy states. It is home to large solar panel installations, widespread residential solar use, various solar panel manufacturers and leading makers of production monitoring tools, such as the k-Space BandIt, which measures thin-film temperature in production and research facilities around the world. Michigan is ranked 14th among U.S. states for solar jobs.

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