8 Ways on How to Keep the Air Conditioning Unit Works Perfectly and Efficiently

Phoenix Air Conditioning is a perfect place for you if you have any problems with the air conditioners. Across the country, Morehart Air and Heating is generally known as the most trusted, reputable, and professional air conditioning contractors in Phoenix AZ. With the experiences for more than five years, you won’t get disappointed in hiring their services. They will provide you some best services from the annual maintenance and repairing the air conditioning units to helping you in installing new systems. Here are several things to be done for making air conditioning in a good condition.Air Conditioning Unit Works Perfectly

#1. Changing the Filter Regularly

Dirty filters can be very bad for your air conditioning’s efficiency so that it will cost you a lot of money. It is recommended to change the filters at least once every two or three months. Or you can also clean the unit if it is a type of washable machine.

#2. Fixing Any Air Leaks

In order to find that there are any air leaks in your unit, you can use the old trick. If you have a window unit, you can light a stick near the place where the unit and the window frame meet. But for a central unit, you can hold the stick near the duct connections. After that, just wait until the smoke blows around and you know the leakage.

#3. Using a Timer

It is very important to set a timer in order to save more energy. If you are at home, you can start to set cooler temperature, and set the temperature in higher energy when you are away from home.

#4. Keeping the Compressor and Condenser Free from Obstructions

As the compressor will mostly be located outside the house, the very best distance for it is about 24 inches of clear space in all directions. This way, the unit can work best because it is far away from any tall grass, leaves, shrubs, and even hanging branches.

#5. Keeping Away from the Sun Exposure

In order to make the unit works efficiently, it is really essential to extend the life of your unit by keeping shades or blinds during the day to protect it from the intense sun.

#6. Doing the Regular Maintenance

Beware of the cleaning schedule every three to six months. In order to get the very best results, you need to get a help from the professionals to do the cleaning job for you. Usually, after the cleaning process, they will also check the system in your unit if there is any leakage or dysfunctional.

#7. Considering about the Upgrade

If your air conditioning unit is about more than ten years, it is the best time for you to consider more about doing an upgrade. It is important because old unit may not work best as compared to the new one. And it is also becoming less energy-efficient.

#8. Setting the Temperature in Certain Degree

It is not recommended to always change the degree over and over again. The air conditioning unit will work best less than 20 degree of temperature. Once you are setting it in 20 degree, it is suggested that it is always set in that temperature.

Now, as long as you have followed all the instructions in maintaining the air conditioning unit very carefully, you will be able to simply extend the life of your unit. By doing this, you will not only be able to save more money in repairing or purchasing a new one, but you will also be able to save more time and energy. One thing that you need to always keep in mind is that you have to make sure that you need to come up with the help from the professionals once there is any problem with your air conditioning unit. In this case, you can simply call the reputable contractor from Morehart Air and Heating. Even if you know how to repair or install or even change the spare parts, you may not do it on your own. You must consider more about your safety since it will basically connected to the electricity. By hiring a professional, you can get the work done correctly as well as saving more money in getting into bigger trouble by doing it by yourself.

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