Make A Bold Statement With A Cowhide Rug

Statement rugs pull a room together and elevate a design’s sophistication beautifully. Cowhide rugs coordinate with both masculine and feminine spaces and work well in many types of decor such as traditional, contemporary and eclectic. Further, making a bold statement can be accomplished without incorporating over-the-top accessories into a space. Cowhide rugs come in many visually interesting styles and are a great focal point or subtlety-bold way of accenting a space.

Cowhide rugs: Natural, versatile

In addition to being immensely versatile, cowhide rugs feature numerous benefits:



•Create warmth

•Available in many styles; and

•High-quality yet affordable

The term hypoallergenic simply means the textile is unlikely to generate an allergic reaction and that the product meets certain manufacturing criteria. One of the most important features, durability is crucial for any floor covering. Rugs in particular may need to be spot-cleaned, vacuumed or be subjected to leisurely traffic frequently. Selecting a cowhide statement rug means that shoppers get to purchase a natural product and enjoy its many benefits in addition to displaying it to guests. The higher the quality, the more durable the rug. Regardless of price-point, each cowhide rug will make an attractive aesthetic addition to a room and provide a level of softness everyone is sure to enjoy.

Considerations for purchasing a cowhide rug

When buying a cowhide rug, buyers should consider visual style of the rug in order to coordinate effectively with other accessories. Contemplate whether lighter or darker colored cowhide will be most appealing, and finally think about placement. If the cowhide rug will be used to pull an area of a room together, make certain it will be adequate in size to do so.

Cowhide makes an ingenious floor covering

A Cowhide rug is an excellent layer for many spaces. From dens to living rooms, anchoring an area with such a statement piece provides a focal point and can even successfully define an area. Cowhide is an ingenious material for its price-range, color and size options. Cowhide rugs are even available in wild zebra print for the exceptionally outgoing design fiends.

Ambiance and functionality

Cowhide rugs give off a vibe that is both naturally beautiful and unique. Prints range in rich beige to many shades of whites or deep blacks. The fact that cowhide is incredibly durable allows them to take on traffic, and look great all at the same time. Incorporating natural touches into a space makes an eco-friendly statement and creates interest too.

Pulling off a budget-friendly room transformation takes more than creativity. It requires high-quality textile accents and gorgeous solutions like cowhide rugs to pull it all together. Components of a room, whether it’s a piece of furniture or a throw-pillow need to be part of a purposeful design. Functionality is what makes good design work. Durability ensures that it lasts.

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