7 Basic Tips for Interior Design

Interior design can appear on so many creative works. However, if you look closely, you will find basic principles used in there. What are they?

1. Set a Theme

Start with this. Choose a theme. A theme can be combination of colours you like and you want to use here. Sometimes, it is hard to make the choice. Browse on ideas and see what colours represent you the best. It is always wise to use soft colours.

2. Pay Attention on Balance

Look at the balance and work on it. Do not force big size furniture to go along with the small one. Make sure that all patterns and colours you use are great and encourage other items too. Ask someone else opinion on this.

3. Find the Rhythm of Your Interior

This is about making patterns and showing contrasts. It will draw interest and make the interior decoration a lot more valuable. For example, use the same colour on pillows, rugs, and curtains, and use other colours on other items. It will look great.

4. Create Harmony on the Arrangement

If all furniture, decorative items, and the rests items are working well together, a sense of restfulness can be felt. This is when you get the harmony. The same colour use on different items, shapes, and also sizes are great way to achieve the harmony.interior design theme 7 Basic Tips for Interior Design

5. Make Emphasize

If all details in a room looks just as important, your room will look so boring. Make several points of interest. You can use fireplace, or windows, or a round table in the middle of the room. It will make people have things to look at and to admire.

6. How is the Proportion?

The size between a parts of decoration to the other is called the proportion. It needs to be working well to each other to make the nicest look. It may sound complicated but we can do it by choosing the size very carefully.

7. Look at the Scale!

The scale will define the size of your entire parts of decoration based on available space. Scale should go along with proportion too to make perfect look.

Those basic principles are great tips for you to start your own interior designing project. Take your time while doing it. It will need more time especially when you try things and struggle to make the matching. Why don’t you start now and see how it works?

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