6 Country French Furniture Ideas

Who does not know of country French style for furniture? French certainly has excellent taste on this. The idea will be wonderful for our house, ranch, or colonial building. It gives elegant but humble look as well in a time. Here are several ideas you can adopt for our house:

1. Pale Shades on Furniture

Country French furniture is known for the pale shades on it. They do not use bright colours. Pastels are dominant and they often combine it with flower prints. You can have pale colours and shades on your furniture to reach the style of country French.

2. Classic but Simple Chairs

Classic model for chairs with high back and slim feet are very iconic. However, country French decides to eliminate complicated details. It encourages simple details and finishing without leaving classic look. Those chairs will be fine looking near the windows with matching tables and curtains.country french furniture design 6 Country French Furniture Ideas

3. Wooden End Tables

Instead of sophisticated end tables near your bed, you can have round humble table.  It is idyllic. Very simple finishing makes the authentic look and this is so French. Combine it with pale curtains and table cloth, you have total country French look near your bed.

4. Soft Arm Chairs

Country French arm chairs use soft and pale fabric as the cover. They look comfortable and adopt simple curve on the design. The colour of the wood is natural without shining finishing. It suits best for your idyllic fireplace. Get a pair with matching tables.

5. High Small Bed

Classic bed that just fit your height but not much wide is the key. Pick one made of wood with simple curving and very natural finishing. Add with soft pale colours bedding. You will feel like you are in the mid centuries. It does not eat the space but looks elegant.

6. Simple Finishing and Curve

This is the very basic idea. French loves curves, but country French has simpler curves and they keep the natural colour and texture of the wood. Have the finishing and curve on furniture like chairs, bed, tables, and drawers. It is idyllic.

Those ideas are basically simple and the furniture will be easy to find. In short period of time, your house will look idyllic and wonderful. You will love staying at home enjoying the furniture and how it looks. So what are you waiting for? Hunt for the furniture, and set it.

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