6 Great Ideas for Living Room Furniture

Living room is where you often receive guests, spend time with the family, and also have afternoon relax after a long day. Therefore, how you set and arrange the furniture will matter a lot on the comfort. We cannot just put something inside the room and never think about whether it is on the right position or not. Here are some tips to pick the right furniture for living room:

1. Sitting Furniture and Arrangements

Sets of sofa are all we need. If you have more than one, you can set groups in your living room so kids can play on other side too. Put a table in each group where you put snacks and beverages. Start with the middle side for great looking arrangements.

2. Minimal Decor Items, More Space

Do not put too many decoration items yet until you find the need. Pick smaller furniture along the way to the room, and try to fill in all empty walls first to get some space. This will give you great looking room.

3. Pillows and Short Tables

For comfort, put extra sitting pillows and short tables so kids can reach their cookies. You will love those pillows on lazy sofa while watching movie with friends or the kids. You can also have soft small cushions as cute table too.living room designs 6 Great Ideas for Living Room Furniture

4. Shelves and Storage

Put enough shelves to keep your DVD collections, and books and magazines. You will also want to keep the snacks and beverages near you while you are having relaxing time in this room. It helps you get thing faster when you have guests. Plus, it covers your wall well.

5. Family Display

Use empty shelves or high end tables as family display. Put trophies, frames with family pictures, merchandises from countries, and your daughter’s flower arrangement on it. It gives you nice view, and it introduces your family happiness to your guests.

6. High Back Chairs

Do not limit your sitting furniture only on sofa and short table. A pair of high back chair will be nice when it is book reading time. Put them near a window or fireplace. It gives aristocrat look and adds sitting furniture in a different way. Granny will love that.

Now, you are able to make your own decision on living room choice. Follow the tips and use it as you need it. You do not necessarily need to hire decorator to do this job for you.

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