9 Great Tips for Furniture Care

Your furniture is one of aspects that control the value of your house. It gives a duty to take a good care to your furniture. Here are several tips.

1. Regular Cleaning

Clean your furniture every day. Dusting and wiping will be great ways to clean it. For such regular treatment, you will only need soft and dry cloth. This treatment can be in the morning and in the afternoon.

2. More Protection

Try to find a good quality of soft paste wax. This kind of wax is the best alternative to give your entire furniture extra protection. It will keep the shape and colours, and texture as well.

3. Avoid Direct Sun Light

Try to avoid direct sun light to your furniture. It will make your furniture dry and it fades the real colour. Curtain and shades will be enough to help. Direct exposure to air conditioner will work the same way too.curtain designs 9 Great Tips for Furniture Care

4. Polishing

Polishing keeps your furniture shining and bright. It also protects the real texture and finishing of your furniture. In the end, it keeps the value. There are many brands for it. Pick the best one.

5. Clean Stains and Spills Immediately

Sometimes the kids will drop their food, and you will also spill your drinks. When it happens, get a soft and dry cloth immediately and wipe those spills and stains. Do not wait until later when they are already dry.

6. Hot Serving Protection

Use coaster, table cloth, and other tools to keep hot serving touches your furniture directly. Hot serving can ruin the furniture and leaves a mark on the furniture.

7. Avoid Ammonia

Ammonia tends to be too hard on most furniture especially wood. When you buy cleaning and treatment products, make sure that you read the label. Do not buy one with ammonia. Choose product with more natural substance.

8. Lift It!

Never drag your furniture. Most furniture is made to be lifted instead of dragged. Dragging furniture will be ruining the shape. You must lift it whenever you want to move it around. It will also keep your furniture from damage.

9. Treat with Tender

It means use your furniture wisely. Never jump or hop on it or other hard attitude to your furniture. Most furniture items are made for common and moderate use except furniture for kids. High quality does not mean you can do rough things.

You almost do not need someone else help to do all those. Give it a try and enjoy your great looking furniture.

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