7 Great Ideas for Kid’s Bedroom Furnishing

Kid bedrooms will need to meet several purposes and functions. How we furnish it will give big influence on the result. Here are useful tips.

1. Storage, Storage, and Storage!

Kids have many things to keep from clothes, extra jackets and blankets, toys, school things, and their collections. To keep it orderly, we need to provide storages. Make drawers on their beds. We can also use soft case cushion and make it as storage too. Be creative.

2. Their Ideas

Involve your kids on the designing. They commonly have many ideas about their rooms. Make sure their reasonable ideas are accommodated so they feel the belonging to the room. It is also essential to make them believe that they have role on this particular project.

3. Leave Some Space

Kids love to move about and play around. Make sure that the size of every furniture item on their rooms is compact and fit for the room size. By then, they will have enough space to play or hang around. Enough space also allows us to clean it easier.

4. Have a Bunk!

Extra bed is always wise. Kids love to invite friends to sleep over. Granny loves to visit as well, so their brother or sister will need a bed. For this, bunk is always the best idea. It needs the same space as single bed but contain more.childs bedroom design 7 Great Ideas for Kids Bedroom Furnishing

5. Kid Proof

This is super important! Choose safe material and paint. There are suppliers make special furniture with safe material and finishing for kids. Add more cushions with soft cases, and also pillows. The floor should be compact and durable enough for the kids to play on. Pick something strong but soft.

6. Long Lasting Furniture

This is called smart budgeting. Choose good material so it makes durable and long lasting set of furniture. Combined with the right size, you will not need to replace the furniture when your kids grow up. You may need to change the colour later but not the furniture.

7. Clever Theme

Be clever about theme. Kids love theme. But when they reach their teen age, they will want some changes. Pick a theme in which you can make change anytime you want it. Use general furniture but using colours of the theme. When your kids want some changes, you can make it.

Now, you can adopt all of the tips or take one or two that will be appropriate for your kids’ room. Do not forget about quality when you purchase the furnishing.

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